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Summer March 31, 2009

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Last week was Spring Break (which really is not suppose to be a break for grad students), and next Friday is Good Friday. We have five weeks of classes left, research week, and finals. That may seem far off for other people, but I am itching to be done! This semester has been stupidly hard, which means that I’ll have to cut back on school hours next semester to 9. The hope is that when Matt graduates, he will have a chaplaincy position somewhere.

You know, a real job with 40 hours and benefits. Benefits = the only reason I’m working 40 hours and not 30.

So I’m excited about summer where I’ll *only* be working full time. I won’t know what to do with myself on my three days off.

What would you suggest I do with my free time?

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Leading With Love February 3, 2009

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I work in a level II group home for girls. The reasons the girls come are many, but in this conversation, not important. What is not varied is their needs – discipline, structure, and love. My coworkers have the first one down. Sometimes they have the second, too. What I rarely see is the last one.

When you have a family that has no structure, has no discipline, has never taught you what equals good and what equals bad, then you have no foundation to fall back on. My goal going into work is to do the job understanding that love is the foundation of all the choices I make towards the girls. Why do I have them do their chores. Why do I refuse to bend the rules? I think that as I’ve settled into my positions, the girls have to come realise I’m the one who won’t bend – but it’s for no one. There’s not a special or a favorite who gets around me. They also know they can ask me why a rule is in place, and I won’t say “because.” If I don’t know why, I tell them. If I think I know why, I guess and tell them I’m guessing. They know I don’t take disrespect to anyone. When they tell me the only disrespect those who disrespect them, I ask them, “Is that what I do? I hold you to the same standard I hold myself.”

So, I become irritated when staff give the girls marks because the staff is having a bad day, when it seems the grading is based off emotion. I am irritated when they scream or tell the girls a rule exists when it’s not in the handbook. I once pointed out to a staff that they had just told a girl something that wasn’t in their handbook, and so she wouldn’t have know. The staff replied to me that it doesn’t matter, not all the rules are in there. So where is the structure and stability we’re suppose to be providing them?

So I have this job, and it’s basically to show the Gospel, day after day after day.

Breathing December 28, 2008

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That’s *almost* what I’m doing now, breathing. My classes and finals are finished. I’m no longer learning to balance a full time job and a full time student load. I hope that by February, when classes restart, I’ll have the balancing more under control. The two biggest chunks that had to be cut from my life were attending church on Sundays and having sporadic hanging out time with friends. 

Not getting to attend on Sundays is a bit of a downer, because there are people I want to see at Grandview, but I have the opportunity to go to Evensong on Saturday nights and Adoration on Tuesday nights – both offer Eucharist, which is vitally important. The other, the hanging out, is more difficult and I believe has caused some people to assume I’m blowing them off. Frustrating is a bit of an understandment on that one. Sure, some people understand. The ones who have children, and spouses seem to get it. The other friends I have though, the ones who go to school and work part time, I get questions. “Where have you been?” “Why aren’t you hanging out anymore?” I’ve had a few cold shoulders in the recent days because, I think, a few people assume that I just don’t care about them.
Let’s see. A week  has 168 hours. 40 of those are spent at work. It takes me about 35 minutes to get to work. That’s an hour tacked on to the four days I work. 2 hours. I sleep 7 hours a night. That’s 49. I had 8 hours of in class work this semester. That’s in class. That’s not the studying and group work I need to do. So that leaves me 69 hours left to cook, clean, study, meet with groups, and generally get done what needs to get done. That seems like a lot, but when it’s broke up into All day Wednesday and Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday mornings – It really isn’t. 

But like I said, the classes are over. I worked two 8 hour shifts and two 12 hour shifts early this week so I had Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday night off. My sisters are visiting. It’s been nice. This coming week I’ll do a bit of overtime, but that means I get Saturday night off again, so I can go to a wedding. I’ve been able to actually cook mine and matt’s meals, so we don’t have to eat out because I’m too worn out to make anything. Things are getting clean, laundry is getting done and, God willing, when February comes I will have Matt on a routine of how to do things so we can both work, study, and not go insane. 

It’s Christmastide now. While most people are taking down their decorations, the Traditionals have just put theirs up and will leave them up until Epiphany. Next year I hope to have a rosymary topiary in place of a faux christmas tree and see if I can find somewhere to give me enough holly to decorate the entire downstairs so I can have more Church traditional decorations.

Whatever you’re doing to end or begin your Christmas celebration, celebrate Christ.