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Welcome to Summer June 14, 2009

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The school year has ended, and summer is swinging. Except, I’m a grad student. Summer break is basically a thing of the past. A full time job keeps me busy, and worried. The semester ended with two B+ and two C’s. I was happy with those grades, after such an intense semester – until I read the catalogue of Emmanuel. To graduate with a Master of Art in Religion degree, one must have a 3.0. Not only to graduate, but to keep their funding. All their funding. Even their federal funding. As you might guess, if I am making C’s – then I am NOT keeping a 3.0. Fear not, my funding has not disappeared. Since I have not declared what degree I am receiving, then I am held to the standards of the Master of Divinity. This means I must maintain a 2.5, which I am above. Being the Type A, extreme worrier I am, I have worked out a plan. I can simply not declare a degree

No, I promise, this works.

I don’t declare a degree for another year. If I can’t get my GPA up to a 3.0 (and it seems it’s easier to go down than up) then I declare for a Master of Divinity. The extreme downside of this is the fact that I have to go to school for an extra year. The MAR is 58 hours and the M.Div is 90 hours.

So the To-Do list for the summer is to study Hebrew, start the work for New Testament Intro, and start the reading for Men and Women in Christ.

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Leading With Love February 3, 2009

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I work in a level II group home for girls. The reasons the girls come are many, but in this conversation, not important. What is not varied is their needs – discipline, structure, and love. My coworkers have the first one down. Sometimes they have the second, too. What I rarely see is the last one.

When you have a family that has no structure, has no discipline, has never taught you what equals good and what equals bad, then you have no foundation to fall back on. My goal going into work is to do the job understanding that love is the foundation of all the choices I make towards the girls. Why do I have them do their chores. Why do I refuse to bend the rules? I think that as I’ve settled into my positions, the girls have to come realise I’m the one who won’t bend – but it’s for no one. There’s not a special or a favorite who gets around me. They also know they can ask me why a rule is in place, and I won’t say “because.” If I don’t know why, I tell them. If I think I know why, I guess and tell them I’m guessing. They know I don’t take disrespect to anyone. When they tell me the only disrespect those who disrespect them, I ask them, “Is that what I do? I hold you to the same standard I hold myself.”

So, I become irritated when staff give the girls marks because the staff is having a bad day, when it seems the grading is based off emotion. I am irritated when they scream or tell the girls a rule exists when it’s not in the handbook. I once pointed out to a staff that they had just told a girl something that wasn’t in their handbook, and so she wouldn’t have know. The staff replied to me that it doesn’t matter, not all the rules are in there. So where is the structure and stability we’re suppose to be providing them?

So I have this job, and it’s basically to show the Gospel, day after day after day.

Now January 10, 2009

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I didn’t plan or mean to, but I’m using the new civil year to clean up and hold on to practices I begain last year. Groceries are in the cupboards and fridge so that eating out is almost obsolete.  I’ve cut up carrots and celery for snack, because the vegetable were going bad. I’m so easily tempted and when Matt says, “let’s get subway,” who am I to pass that up. Now, Matt has seen all the groceries, and all my budgeted money is separated into a neat pocket, accordion file.

I cover during Adoration and morning Eucharist. I’m in the process of moving towards covering everyday. I have accomplished this by wearing scarves at work. When classes come around, I hope I can wear them to class without too much anxiety. This really leaves just time at home when I’m not. I don’t particularly feel like explaining why I’m doing this. Maybe another post. I actually admire Quaker clothing, but I don’t see myself switching to that anytime soon.