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Welcome to Summer June 14, 2009

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The school year has ended, and summer is swinging. Except, I’m a grad student. Summer break is basically a thing of the past. A full time job keeps me busy, and worried. The semester ended with two B+ and two C’s. I was happy with those grades, after such an intense semester – until I read the catalogue of Emmanuel. To graduate with a Master of Art in Religion degree, one must have a 3.0. Not only to graduate, but to keep their funding. All their funding. Even their federal funding. As you might guess, if I am making C’s – then I am NOT keeping a 3.0. Fear not, my funding has not disappeared. Since I have not declared what degree I am receiving, then I am held to the standards of the Master of Divinity. This means I must maintain a 2.5, which I am above. Being the Type A, extreme worrier I am, I have worked out a plan. I can simply not declare a degree

No, I promise, this works.

I don’t declare a degree for another year. If I can’t get my GPA up to a 3.0 (and it seems it’s easier to go down than up) then I declare for a Master of Divinity. The extreme downside of this is the fact that I have to go to school for an extra year. The MAR is 58 hours and the M.Div is 90 hours.

So the To-Do list for the summer is to study Hebrew, start the work for New Testament Intro, and start the reading for Men and Women in Christ.

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