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Baracknophobia – Obey April 10, 2009

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Baracknophobia – Obey
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WordPress is a downer and doesn’t let me post full video unless it’s from Youtube.
So, click on “Baracknophobia” and watch. It’s pretty much awesome.

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Who are we? November 5, 2008

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Who are the people who voted for Obama?

They are future ministers, current teachers, southern daughters, northern sons, medical students, mothers, professors, writers, republican, democrat, independents, and all hopeful. We know that those with many must give to those that have few. Poor does not equal lazy. Muslim does not equal terrorist. Feminist, queer, and black are not bad words. Diplomacy does not equal shoot first and never ask questions.

My friends and fellow Obama supporters. We believe in something different.

My friends and fellow Obama supporters. We believe in something different.

November 5, 2008

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I’ll leave it to the eloquent August 30, 2008

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I am dry and sarcastic. I strive for peace, but have a quick and firey temper. So, I believe, I should speak more about my experiences as a student growing up into adulthood, and less on politics. Shocking for anyone reading this who knows me personally. There are so many other people who can do it better, though. For example, this kid lives two doors down from me – literally. I met him earlier this past week as we got “orientated” to Emmanuel. 

So, expect more posts on struggling with OTI, words of wisdom from Dr Marwede, and learning how to buy my own groceries and pay my own electricity bill. I’ll keep the political rants to the temporal world of my house and my roommate.

Ipranced around in my giant fur coat and pretended to be Sarah Palin, yesterday. I may have to post that picture.

To the global warming skeptics June 18, 2008

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Dear 38% of people who are “not convinced it’s true”,

We’re going to use you as shade in the scorching summers and fuel in the freezing winters. Until then, please drive a car and not a large house on the road. Kthanksbye.

California Supreme Court decides that I can’t sell my children May 15, 2008

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I am not eloquent when it comes to politics. I do know that I live in a divisive area and that my state chose to amend the constitution so that same-sex marriage will *never* be allowed a few years ago. My feelings on this whole situation? They are very well noted by Mr Sheen, below.

This isn’t about my personal feelings on whether or not homosexuality is a sin or an abomination. This is about my feelings towards people who like to pick what is a sin or an abomination and then pick and choose on what the punishment is. Example, people who look towards the Old Testament as a guide for their opinion of homosexuality being one of the worst sins that you can commit doen’t seem to carry out the punishment that’s suppose to go with it – death. There is a load of theology to dig at here. The simple point I want to make with this short post is that a group can’t pick and choose the way they are and think they are pleasing their diety.