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T-Minus…Not sure June 27, 2009

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I’m excited for my vacation, don’t get me wrong. Sleep hasn’t been coming as easy as it should, and everyone needs to hope that I can drive to Bushnell, IL in one straight shot. I hate pulling over to sleep.

Katie (teenage sister 2) has been staying with me since Thursday evening and helping me keep the house in general order. There has little time for anything though, besides cleaning. That means no bags are packed for Cstone, or wedding invitations have stamps on them.

By the way, our post office had no wedding stamps. So everyone is getting liberty bells. Oh, and the postcard stamps nowadays? Polar bears. That’s right, polar bears. Who’s coming up with this?

Work until 11am tomorrow. Some sleep. Some driving to Knoxville. Some more sleep. Then – it’s time to head to Bushnell. 1 week of glorious music, vendor food, little sleep, and running amuck. I don’t even know how often I’ll see my siblings on the festival grounds. Mary and Katie are working 10 – 2 on the beach, I’m working 5pm – 2am on the Gallery Stage, and Joseph will be wherever.

There will be twitter updates.

Cornerstone is almost here!

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Summer March 31, 2009

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Last week was Spring Break (which really is not suppose to be a break for grad students), and next Friday is Good Friday. We have five weeks of classes left, research week, and finals. That may seem far off for other people, but I am itching to be done! This semester has been stupidly hard, which means that I’ll have to cut back on school hours next semester to 9. The hope is that when Matt graduates, he will have a chaplaincy position somewhere.

You know, a real job with 40 hours and benefits. Benefits = the only reason I’m working 40 hours and not 30.

So I’m excited about summer where I’ll *only* be working full time. I won’t know what to do with myself on my three days off.

What would you suggest I do with my free time?

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Now January 10, 2009

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I didn’t plan or mean to, but I’m using the new civil year to clean up and hold on to practices I begain last year. Groceries are in the cupboards and fridge so that eating out is almost obsolete.  I’ve cut up carrots and celery for snack, because the vegetable were going bad. I’m so easily tempted and when Matt says, “let’s get subway,” who am I to pass that up. Now, Matt has seen all the groceries, and all my budgeted money is separated into a neat pocket, accordion file.

I cover during Adoration and morning Eucharist. I’m in the process of moving towards covering everyday. I have accomplished this by wearing scarves at work. When classes come around, I hope I can wear them to class without too much anxiety. This really leaves just time at home when I’m not. I don’t particularly feel like explaining why I’m doing this. Maybe another post. I actually admire Quaker clothing, but I don’t see myself switching to that anytime soon.

Breathing December 28, 2008

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That’s *almost* what I’m doing now, breathing. My classes and finals are finished. I’m no longer learning to balance a full time job and a full time student load. I hope that by February, when classes restart, I’ll have the balancing more under control. The two biggest chunks that had to be cut from my life were attending church on Sundays and having sporadic hanging out time with friends. 

Not getting to attend on Sundays is a bit of a downer, because there are people I want to see at Grandview, but I have the opportunity to go to Evensong on Saturday nights and Adoration on Tuesday nights – both offer Eucharist, which is vitally important. The other, the hanging out, is more difficult and I believe has caused some people to assume I’m blowing them off. Frustrating is a bit of an understandment on that one. Sure, some people understand. The ones who have children, and spouses seem to get it. The other friends I have though, the ones who go to school and work part time, I get questions. “Where have you been?” “Why aren’t you hanging out anymore?” I’ve had a few cold shoulders in the recent days because, I think, a few people assume that I just don’t care about them.
Let’s see. A week  has 168 hours. 40 of those are spent at work. It takes me about 35 minutes to get to work. That’s an hour tacked on to the four days I work. 2 hours. I sleep 7 hours a night. That’s 49. I had 8 hours of in class work this semester. That’s in class. That’s not the studying and group work I need to do. So that leaves me 69 hours left to cook, clean, study, meet with groups, and generally get done what needs to get done. That seems like a lot, but when it’s broke up into All day Wednesday and Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday mornings – It really isn’t. 

But like I said, the classes are over. I worked two 8 hour shifts and two 12 hour shifts early this week so I had Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday night off. My sisters are visiting. It’s been nice. This coming week I’ll do a bit of overtime, but that means I get Saturday night off again, so I can go to a wedding. I’ve been able to actually cook mine and matt’s meals, so we don’t have to eat out because I’m too worn out to make anything. Things are getting clean, laundry is getting done and, God willing, when February comes I will have Matt on a routine of how to do things so we can both work, study, and not go insane. 

It’s Christmastide now. While most people are taking down their decorations, the Traditionals have just put theirs up and will leave them up until Epiphany. Next year I hope to have a rosymary topiary in place of a faux christmas tree and see if I can find somewhere to give me enough holly to decorate the entire downstairs so I can have more Church traditional decorations.

Whatever you’re doing to end or begin your Christmas celebration, celebrate Christ.

Who are we? November 5, 2008

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Who are the people who voted for Obama?

They are future ministers, current teachers, southern daughters, northern sons, medical students, mothers, professors, writers, republican, democrat, independents, and all hopeful. We know that those with many must give to those that have few. Poor does not equal lazy. Muslim does not equal terrorist. Feminist, queer, and black are not bad words. Diplomacy does not equal shoot first and never ask questions.

My friends and fellow Obama supporters. We believe in something different.

My friends and fellow Obama supporters. We believe in something different.

Tasty Goodness September 17, 2008

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Most people, when the first start drinking coffee, drink it with cream and sugar and other yummy goodness. Adulthood, specifically when you have to start pretending to be very aware, is when you start drinking it black.

what civilized crack looks like

what civilized crack looks like

So what does it means when you start drinking just the tonic water?

Canadian Dry - no good; Q Tonic - we need to talk about your poor financial choices

Canada Dry - no good; Q Tonic - we need to talk about your poor financial choices

What are you doing with your free time? September 15, 2008

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A seminarian can't always be in the books

A seminarian can't always be in the books

This Ranks Up There September 3, 2008

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I’m not exactly sure what the stupidest thing I’ve ever done is. However, it might be my current phone situation.

Yesterday evening, I went to my bag to get my phone. Not there. 

Or purse. or pockets. or bedroom, car, jana’s townhouse, library, or student lounge that I was in yesterday.

My phone was not turned in to anyone in the offices. And my phone was not at the post office – the only place off campus I went yesterday.

You have to understand how tiny my school is. There is a chance that some people who read this blog own more land than my entire campus sits on. We have one building for everything. We’re small. So either my phone has been stolen (not likely) or I accidentially put it in the box that I shipped off yesterday afternoon.

To Canada

My phone is on it’s way to Canada. Vancouver to be precise. Thankfully, the person on the other end is a friend – not a stranger. So if it’s in there, it might get shipped back to me. Or customs can get angry for me not listing the phone and confiscate it – because that’s how our customs rolls. I might be trying to blow them up with my phone. 

So none of my friends have a way to call me, or I them. None of my family does either. In one way this is liberating from the phone calls I hate answering and in another it’s very frustrating for the calls I need to take. I do see the irony in the fact that my parents can’t call and yell at me for losing the phone so horribly. My stepfather is going to have to suspend my phone number until it is found or a new one is purchased. I think just getting a new one would be the easiest solution here.

But maybe my phone will turn up somewhere. This morning while I was praying to Christ, St Anthony, The Blessed Mother and everyone else I could think of, I was angry and about to cry. I was trying to figure out what I had done wrong for my phone to go missing. I even asked myself what sin I committed. I tried to categorize “losing one’s phone” into it’s appropriate category of sin. I couldn’t think of one.

That’s what I’m taking away from this. Sometimes, something wrong is not necessarily a sin. It’s also why I’m less concerned if I get in trouble for losing my phone, now. What transgression did I commit? Not laziness. Not anger. Not selfishness, pride, greed, or disobedience. I simply forgot. I have a terrible memory. It’s debilitating. I’ve had this phone since December and this is the first time something major has happened with it. That’s outstanding for me. 


As a smart security measure, I’m going to go ask the post office if I can recall my package.

Well hello there August 10, 2008

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About a month ago, I was laid off of my job in the medical office. I don’t state that as a complaint. I state it as a fact. Being laid off gave me the freedom to leave a field that I have no interest. Instead, I was able to turn my attention to camp. For the past month I made koolaid for children and played and danced on the grass at midnight. Monday evening is the meteor shower. Many of my friends are off backpacking (vacation after a hard summer of kids and rockclimbing) and will be watching from Max Patch. I don’t feel that adventurous and will instead be laying on the game field with a few others staring up and enjoying the show.

The greatest advantages to living in the middle of the woods are living with my friends who also like being hippies, surviving with about 8 tshirts, one sweatshirt, one pair of shorts, and three skirts, AND being out of sight and out of mind. Writing emails and talking of the phone take up a suprising amount of energy for me. I love holding conversations – but I prefere them to be in person. I’m focused on the community of here and now surrounding me.

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead June 26, 2008

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     Before you can sleep at a week long music festival, you have to get to the music festival. My suggestion is that you don’t sleep while driving to the music festival. Sleep at the wheel often leads to things like screaming, wrecks, and maybe death. At the very least, it leads to a terrible blemish on your driving record.

     So step one is: DON’T SLEEP. Know when your best driving time is. Mine happens to be in the middle of the night. Anyone suprised? Anyone? No. I thought not. So go to your local Big Lots or UGO and find what energy drinks they have on sale. Don’t live near a Big Lots or UGO? Don’t even know what those are? Well, you have different problems to handle. Currently, there are Monsters for sixty cents at my local Big Lots. I am driving 10 hours. I will buy a minimum of 10. Really, I should buy some for the way back. So closer to 20. These drinks are typically closer to three dollars. It’s a good deal. If you’re keeping up with math, or have a better IQ than a grapefruit, you know that I’m going to drink about one an hour. Sure, I’m going to be a little hyper, jittery, and even carrying on a conversation with Oscar Wilde by the time we get there. But, I will not have slept.

     Step two: CRASH. Not the car. If you crash the car, then you obviously did not follow step one, and you really have no business reading this post or going to a music festival. What you should do is when you get to your destination, take care of your registration business as quickly as possible. AT this point in time you are either a tad delusional and exhausted or just exhausted. Don’t set up your tent. If you’ve brought slave labor teenagers like I’ll be doing, then they can set it up. They are probably going to be pretty tired themselves though, because if you’re like me, you have been blasting music at high volume and driving with the windows down and AC on to help keep you awake. So, they probably haven’t slept either. The best decision? Just lay back your chairs and take a nap.  

     Your sleep pattern for the rest of the week will be erratic. Don’t assume you’re going to get more than 4 hours at a time. Ever. My sleep is going to come somewhere between 9am – 11:30am with spurts late at night.

     Sleep location is actually pretty important. Some people sleep well in a tent. I don’t. A musical festival does not require you to sleep in a tent, but a tent is still valuable. Once you’ve taken your nap, it will probably start to rain. Actually, in the middle of your nap, it will probably start to rain. This is because occasionally life likes to mock you. So if it doesn’t rain, it will be about 100 degrees. Either way, you need to set up your tent. If you’re going to sleep in it – good for you. You’re better than me. Otherwise you do what we do. Take all your supplies and store them in the tent. Then you sleep in the vehicle. Most people bring vans to music festivals – or trucks. If you brought a Honda Accord or something like that, you’re odd.


Our next how-to: Eating at a festival.