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Shampoo March 27, 2009

Posted by amberpeace in Living.
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There are three million shampoos in this world, and I’m a sucker for all of them. Maybe not all of them. VO5 needs to be burned. White Rain, too. If you haven’t heard of those, it’s because you can buy decent shampoo. You should feel pleased with your financial position in life; go feed an African child.

Meanwhile, I’ve entered into a world where I can choose my shampoo now. It’s bizarre. Instead of being required to marinate my hair in olive oil to keep it from being crazy frizzy, I can choose something that smells yummy from the body care aisle. Better yet, I can go to stores that are entirely dedicated to making my hair and skin look good. Fantastic! I want to know, what do you use on your hair?

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1. matt - March 28, 2009

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

2. zelzee - March 29, 2009

Actually, I will use anything that promises me eternal youth………and don’t they all?

3. katie - March 31, 2009

$NZ 25 for a litre.
but it comes in a pump bottle and i feel fine about leaving the conditioner in my tresses without absorbing hideous chemicals through my skin 24/7.
ha! “24/7” is so last year!
love and sunshine X

4. Sam - April 12, 2009

We use Pantene conditioner. For shampoo we use whatever. Conditioner is more important than the shampoo.

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