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The truth about Christmas Cards December 18, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in family, friends, relationships.
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I hate Christmas cards.

There I said it.

I do not like them because I do not understand them. Why do I want a notecard that has just your name on the inside or, worse yet, a form letter that you send to everyone? Why would you want one from me?

Myth: Christmas Cards are a nice way of saying that you’re thinking of someone

Fact: No they are not. If you were really thinking of me, you would send me a personal letter, or a personal email. Christmas cards only mean that you’re thinking of a person if there is a personalised note inside, like the one my bff sent me this week. Signing your name to an impersonal quote created by hallmark is not.

Myth: Christmas cards are a good way of showing everyone how your family is doing.

Fact: Christmas is not about your family. In fact, Christmas isn’t about family at all, unless you’re talking about the Holy Family. Photo Christmas cards completely miss the point. Completely.

So that’s my feeling on Christmas cards. I admit here that I tend to open Christmas cards, look at them, and then put them back in the envelope. Then I usually toss them out a few days later. I tried to send Christmas cards once. Then I realised I was only doing it because I felt pressure from everyone sending out their 200+ cards a season. Mine didn’t even make it to the post office. 



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