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Taking a moment about Jeremy December 3, 2008

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Life is hectic. This whole working and schooling thing doesn’t work easily (but it is working, I think). I get on my computer to check email and I think, “I really should go over and write. I have things to write about, and I need some non-school brain work.” Then I get distracted and forget a few days. 

I thought I would take the time, though, tonight. My mother called me to say that Jeremy was on the news, and that he died earlier today around 2pm. I wasn’t best friends with Jeremy – he was older by two years. His family is a loving and kind family, though. His mother I knew best out of all of them – she was always very sweet and kind to me. 

I remember in 2006 when I got the call half a world away about my cousin dying in a crash. No prep. This was not on the schedule for the week. Jeremy had been making progress, though the past few days he was having some trouble and a very high temp. As I back read through the messages on the facebook page about the updates on Jeremy, I saw that someone had written very early in the morning that Jeremy had coded twice today. It was fast. It was not in the plans of anyone this week for Jeremy today.

So I pray for the Fryes. Death is just a sleep, until the Ressurection and Judgement. The dead will awake from their sleep and be united with their bodies once again.  Jesus’ resurrection marks the beginning of a restoration that he will complete upon his return. Part of this will be the resurrection of all the dead, who will “awake,” be embodied and participate in the renewal. We look towards the ressurection of the dead, and the life in this world to come. Amen.



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