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I wear blue when I can’t wear black September 7, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in friends, Living, relationships, school.

Athletics are an important part of my life. I began running when I was seven and played other random sports through middle school (intermediate) and high school. While I love participating in sports that really challange the body – running and rock climbing – I watch two sports that I couldn’t play to save my life.

Rugby and Basketball.

I adore rugby, I was introduced to the sport in high school, and my interest in it grew through college. My prized rugby memories were being at the Springboks vs All Blacks game and stalking Richie in Christchurch, because my friend lives near his favorite sushi place. I am a fan of community, and so prefere regional and college teams over professional teams that can move from place to place. It’s why I went to Hurricane games when I lived in Wellys and why I can sing God Defend New Zealand with everyone else at the top of their lungs. I even love wearing black.

But over here in the States, there is no regional rugby team(s) to cheer for – at least not in my area. I don’t live in New Haven. Which is why when I’m not living in the Pacific that I pay a lot more attention to basketball and the color blue.

Even when we moved to Tennessee, I never fell in love with the color orange. My top hated colors are yellow (sorry Hurricanes) and orange. Orange is the worst. I’ve always prefered basketball over American Football, too. So I’m just the odd one out in my area. Football season would start and I would show only mild interest. Basketball season, though – I knew my stats. I watched all the games. I even friended a few Kentuck guys on facebook.

As I’ve been busy moving and feeling homeless for the past few years, I came to just enjoy kentucky athletics in general. I love community, and athletics create community. Actually, my ex wrote his Honors Thesis on how to create a cult following within athletics, but that’s a whole different story. The point is that I’m here at graduate school, and the past two Saturdays have shown a rainbow of colors. People are wearing Cornhusker Red and Oregan yellow. I have on my wildcat’s blue. Many people here are too far away to get their games on tv, so they listen on the internet. We tease each other about loyalties – and usually some discussion about how it can affect your loyalty to Christ if you’re not careful follows. Because we’re nerds like that.

I guess all of that is to say

For the past two weekends, I’m glad I’ve been wearing blue and not orange 😀 😀



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