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Well hello there August 10, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in friends, Living, living as a 20-something, relationships.

About a month ago, I was laid off of my job in the medical office. I don’t state that as a complaint. I state it as a fact. Being laid off gave me the freedom to leave a field that I have no interest. Instead, I was able to turn my attention to camp. For the past month I made koolaid for children and played and danced on the grass at midnight. Monday evening is the meteor shower. Many of my friends are off backpacking (vacation after a hard summer of kids and rockclimbing) and will be watching from Max Patch. I don’t feel that adventurous and will instead be laying on the game field with a few others staring up and enjoying the show.

The greatest advantages to living in the middle of the woods are living with my friends who also like being hippies, surviving with about 8 tshirts, one sweatshirt, one pair of shorts, and three skirts, AND being out of sight and out of mind. Writing emails and talking of the phone take up a suprising amount of energy for me. I love holding conversations – but I prefere them to be in person. I’m focused on the community of here and now surrounding me.



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