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I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead June 26, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in living as a 20-something.

     Before you can sleep at a week long music festival, you have to get to the music festival. My suggestion is that you don’t sleep while driving to the music festival. Sleep at the wheel often leads to things like screaming, wrecks, and maybe death. At the very least, it leads to a terrible blemish on your driving record.

     So step one is: DON’T SLEEP. Know when your best driving time is. Mine happens to be in the middle of the night. Anyone suprised? Anyone? No. I thought not. So go to your local Big Lots or UGO and find what energy drinks they have on sale. Don’t live near a Big Lots or UGO? Don’t even know what those are? Well, you have different problems to handle. Currently, there are Monsters for sixty cents at my local Big Lots. I am driving 10 hours. I will buy a minimum of 10. Really, I should buy some for the way back. So closer to 20. These drinks are typically closer to three dollars. It’s a good deal. If you’re keeping up with math, or have a better IQ than a grapefruit, you know that I’m going to drink about one an hour. Sure, I’m going to be a little hyper, jittery, and even carrying on a conversation with Oscar Wilde by the time we get there. But, I will not have slept.

     Step two: CRASH. Not the car. If you crash the car, then you obviously did not follow step one, and you really have no business reading this post or going to a music festival. What you should do is when you get to your destination, take care of your registration business as quickly as possible. AT this point in time you are either a tad delusional and exhausted or just exhausted. Don’t set up your tent. If you’ve brought slave labor teenagers like I’ll be doing, then they can set it up. They are probably going to be pretty tired themselves though, because if you’re like me, you have been blasting music at high volume and driving with the windows down and AC on to help keep you awake. So, they probably haven’t slept either. The best decision? Just lay back your chairs and take a nap.  

     Your sleep pattern for the rest of the week will be erratic. Don’t assume you’re going to get more than 4 hours at a time. Ever. My sleep is going to come somewhere between 9am – 11:30am with spurts late at night.

     Sleep location is actually pretty important. Some people sleep well in a tent. I don’t. A musical festival does not require you to sleep in a tent, but a tent is still valuable. Once you’ve taken your nap, it will probably start to rain. Actually, in the middle of your nap, it will probably start to rain. This is because occasionally life likes to mock you. So if it doesn’t rain, it will be about 100 degrees. Either way, you need to set up your tent. If you’re going to sleep in it – good for you. You’re better than me. Otherwise you do what we do. Take all your supplies and store them in the tent. Then you sleep in the vehicle. Most people bring vans to music festivals – or trucks. If you brought a Honda Accord or something like that, you’re odd.


Our next how-to: Eating at a festival.



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