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Some Subtle Differences June 19, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in family, living as a 20-something.

     In ten days – my sister says 9 – I will be leaving for my holiday. Many of the bloggers I read have been dashing off to warm tropics or at least a pretty beach on the New England coast. A few of you (one of you?) might be the owner of a Hampton home.

My bed is going to consist of a sleeping bag.

June 29th, I pack a turtle and my two sisters into the family van to drive them semi-cross country to Bushnell, IL for the Cornerstone Festival. Some of you (none of you) may have been reading my blog last year to know that I took the 16 year old for a test run. We enjoyed it completely and when we go, I’ll be returning with several photos. Now, for many of you, the pictures will be peculiur. I’ve decided to help my readers so they won’t be shocked by sharing photos of the differences.

Location: From reading your blogs, many of you enjoy vacations that look like

fancy hotel. ooooooPreppy much????St Thomas

My vacation looks much more likeanberlin rocking outthis is from some flickr user.

from the cornerstone blog

Next up, how to stay “clean” without showering for a week while at a punk rock festival




1. libby - June 19, 2008

I would dig both of those vacations!

Shoot me an email re: Boston. 🙂

2. Amber - June 21, 2008

I’m the same. Honestly, I stick out at the festival, because I’ll have on a polo at least one day 🙂

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