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Family Matters: Brothers June 3, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in family.

My little brother is ten years old. He is naturally smart and a gifted athlete. Being the only son in a brood of four, he took the route of being sensitive – usually overly sensitive. When he was very little, my younger sisters would dress him up in their clothes and put his hair up in pigtails. This was when Powerpuff Girls were popular, and he wanted to be one, too. We had to convince him to be MoJo JoJo instead.

I’m not quite sure what to say about my brother, honestly. He’s thirteen years younger than me. My position in his life was like a miniature mother. It wasn’t until I went to college and I came back for my first visit that I experienced disobedience from the boy because I “wasn’t mom.” I’m sure I didn’t react well to this. I can’t remember, I just assume. Recently he has become a clingier child as I become more distant from my childhood home. I’m becoming more aware that I should be spending time with him, but I don’t know when. Work all day and study all evening – I don’t know how my mother was able to finish college on time while having an infant – then toddler – then young child at the same time. My brother is probably growing up with a different notion of what a sister is than most of his friends are. I suppose that if they are only two or three years older, it’s a friend. If it’s someone like me, it’s some type of authority figure that you’re not quite sure what to do with. At the same time, I probably don’t have the same idea of what a brother is compared to what many others have.

            I struggled to think of guys in my life that I could classify as a “brother.” Someone who wasn’t so much older than me that they would be more like a father figure (different post) and someone I was as close to as I am with the women I mentioned in the previous entry. Aaron and Zach would guys that I consider brother – like. They are protective to a point, but mature enough to let me fall – quite often. When I do fall, they are there to help me up or pick me up, depending on what I need. As far as I can remember, both of them know everything about me and I don’t fear them using that against me. Like my sisters, I feel safe around them and that we can do things for each other with gladness and joyfully.



1. kate5kiwis - June 3, 2008

i have one brother who lives half a world away.
he’s two years younger than me and i am feeling myself drawn to him more and more as i get older.
we squabbled like cats when we were growing up, and i dressed him in dresses and did his hair once, i think that’s a rite of passage for sister/brother lol.
then i abruptly left home at nineteen, pregnant, married, BOOM! straight into the “next season”. Greg has only just got married at 36. so our lifestyles are oh! so different. thankfully he’s married a wonderfully connecting girl. she remembers birthdays and sends emails/facebook chats etc. i love that.

my own kiddos are 18, 14, 12, 10, 6 and each of them has a uniquely special friendship with the others. so D18 shares something very special with his sister, and connects in quite a different way with M6. wonderful. i hope that my kiddos stay connected to each other throughout their lives, cos most friends seem to come and go, and family is forever.

i think my comment’s longer than your post lol.
katie X

2. CreativeGeniusGirlInc - June 5, 2008

Thanks for your comment! I’m happy to have found your blog and look forward to reading it!

Gibson is my first pet post the one I had as a kid with my parents. This is also my first apt. all by myself and so this has been a long time coming! He wears me out a bit at times, but these are all the little challenges of welcoming a new pup into the family.

Hope you get to have your very own beagle soon! 🙂 PS You’re a writer! And making a living at it! That rocks!

3. The Mrs. - June 5, 2008

I have an 8 almost 9 year old brother who I am YEARS older than. I get your whole dilemma and I struggle to relate too. I’m just trying to let it evolve naturally and show as much interest in him as I can.

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