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Pass the (stolen) paint May 15, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in living as a 20-something.

One day soon, I will live the middle class lifestyle. I’ll own a cd player in my car and be able to afford both rent and food. Until then –

2008 has been my year for spending more than I can afford. What as been bought has not been Starbucks and t-shirts. In fact, I’ve been busy whittling down my personal belongings for the past 4 months to prepare, again, for living the vagabond existence of a student. This year has involved paying for brand new tires, a tow truck, 500+ in student loan INTREST, a CT scan, exciting and fabulous new medication, and a few trips to the doctor. We have all been busy paying for price rising petrol and consequently, food. Oh, and I am about to pay someone for a few black marks on the back of their rear bumper. I want to pay this out of pocket instead of having to involve our insurance. That might be more expensive to me, but not to my record.

What do you do, to lead and live an aesthetically pleasing lifestyle when you are working class? Actually, if my parents didn’t claim me as a dependant (please stop doing that), I would fall under the “poverty” line and be eligible for welfare and food stamps. People probably find that demeaning and embarrassing. I don’t. Someone willing to help me get through my education so that I, in turn, can help other people? I’m okay with that.

So, since I can’t afford to buy anything, since I’m saving and working to go to seminary, how do you live day to day with beauty? Do I go steal flowers out of someone’s flower bed, so that I can put some in my room?

Actually, that just reminded me that it’s move out time. What am I thinking? Dumpster diving! That will be a whole special post.

This is an honest inquiry. I don’t believe that we are asked to live in ugliness. I think the broken state we are in has put ugliness into the world.

How do you, how do I, create physical beauty in a personal space, without spending money? Honestly, not a dime. No money for paint, not 19 cents for printing a digital picture. Come up with and post your ideas for turning the room (my attic) into something beautiful without spending any money at all.



1. TroyJMorris - May 15, 2008

Free stuff on craigslist. Then you just have to take it piece by piece.

Also, going dumpster diving is great. I found a helmet.

Check out http://readymademag.com/

2. ned - May 15, 2008

I have been there. The first step is be happy with yourself. The rest will come…in time. As a cancer survivor, and a once poor college student, I have learned you don’t need the perfect outfit, house, job. You have to look, look at the big picture. Don’t look at the grass in your yard. Look at each blade. There is something special within us that makes you stronger. Take care.

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