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California Supreme Court decides that I can’t sell my children May 15, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in εκκλησία, progressive.

I am not eloquent when it comes to politics. I do know that I live in a divisive area and that my state chose to amend the constitution so that same-sex marriage will *never* be allowed a few years ago. My feelings on this whole situation? They are very well noted by Mr Sheen, below.

This isn’t about my personal feelings on whether or not homosexuality is a sin or an abomination. This is about my feelings towards people who like to pick what is a sin or an abomination and then pick and choose on what the punishment is. Example, people who look towards the Old Testament as a guide for their opinion of homosexuality being one of the worst sins that you can commit doen’t seem to carry out the punishment that’s suppose to go with it – death. There is a load of theology to dig at here. The simple point I want to make with this short post is that a group can’t pick and choose the way they are and think they are pleasing their diety.



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