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Being a Millennial: Two Different Attitudes April 29, 2008

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I’m drinking hot salt water. Yes, I know you’re suppose to gargle the stuff, but I’m sitting at my day job desk and I think it would be considered rude if my two co-workers who share the same office had to listen to me sing with water in my mouth. This, by the way, is why I’m drinking the salt water. My second job is being an alto in a choir. The pay isn’t huge, but it’s still a monthly check. My throat (and sinus cavity and chest) are suffering from a combination of the redbuds and cold snap, so I can’t sing anything above a B. I should note (hee hee) that I have difficulty sounding good above a C on a normal day. I have to keep my throat in shape and as I’m doing so, I’m musing about what to do for a fourth job this summer. The third job? It’s doing some weekend work at Camp Wesley Woods. I didn’t have a way to squeeze that into the conversation.
And I think this is where you get a split in the Millennial generation. Michael Silence voiced the opinion that Millennials are more like the Traditionalists. Casey Peters disagrees because of the defining reasons he lists here. I believe that both are right and both are wrong. And that sentence reeks of hedging bets. The Millennial response is very dependent on what they have seen happen to their parent’s. What you see written about in the newspapers and the spending habits and demands of my generation are the children of the boomers that have become comfortably successful. There does not have to be a decision between cable television and food. Cell phones have been in the family now for several years and while the credit card is regularly used, the debt is (or seems to be to the children) under control.
The other group is my group. We want exactly what the others want – cars, decent homes, shiny gadgets and good nightlife. The internet is necessary for survival, as are cell phones. We, however, were part of a childhood where our parents are not successful boomers. They tried, maybe. For whatever reason, they couldn’t or still can’t keep up with the standard of living that they want. Money is spent in the wrong places and debt is (or seems to be to the children) out of control. We live with a much more anxious view of finances. So we work hard, will work more hours, and will hold more jobs to have the financial security that is believed to be needed to have a stable plus middle class lifestyle. Money is one the most important thing to us in a job, but we’re not spending it as soon as we’re getting it. While we want the consumer goods our friends and our friends’ parents have, we have a cautionary tale behind us. There is a little more temperance in our spending habits as we have to save up for what many of our friends so easily get.



1. BOSSY - April 29, 2008

This was very interesting and… did someone say something about Free Brownies?

2. TroyJMorris - April 29, 2008

Since I live on the faaaaar side of the country, I have no idea who this Casey guy is, but wow.

“Veterans were faced with being shipped off to war. Millennials are faced with terrorism invading their own turf.”

That’s exactly what got them to be shipped off to war, the “threat” of terrorism invading their own turf.

“Lastly, Millennials could be the most disloyal generation when it comes to their employer.”

How about we switch that around! Yeah, we’re disloyal because we don’t have a reason to stick around and many times, the company tries to push us out. They don’t want us. If they did, they’d give us security in the form of pensions and not sometimes-but-rarely unmatched 401(k) which are as volatile as the rest of the stock market.

And after reading the Silence’s article, I really wander if ol’ Casey did.

None of Casey’s points were not set against Silence’s at any point. None of Silence’s original points were addressed and a lot of them are very sound.

I honestly find very little validity in Casey’s article, and find Silence’s much more well rounded.

3. TroyJMorris - April 29, 2008

There is so much more to say, it requires it’s own blog post though…. gruff.

You got me thinking all evening now!

4. Amber Lee - April 29, 2008

Bossy – yes. But I forgot why I promised free brownies. I make damn good brownies. Hell, I’ll just make you some brownies. Email me your address.

Troy – Due to some (about 200 at a camp) of the kids I’ve worked with I’ve seen both sides of the token. When they are bringing their Prada into the woods, because it’s their junky stuff, you begin to wonder where their reality came from. I will say it several times for the rest of my life, though – as a historian I am free and incapable of judging one generation based off of another.

I’m glad I’ve got you thinking 🙂

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