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Dear Knoxville Police Department April 28, 2008

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Dear Janice L Roberts, Badge #1444,
I received a lovely letter in the mail today with your name signed at the bottom. At the top it says:
The City of Knoxville has a red light photo enforcement program in effect to reduce the number of red light running violations. As you can see from the photos to the right, a vehicle registered in your name and described below appears to have run a red light.

You are correct to identify the car in the pictures as mine, Officer Roberts. Unfortunately, you lose points for being unable to identify your colors. To be fair, I went to the website that has the video. I was sure that by watching the video, I would be humiliated to learn that I do indeed owe the City of Knoxville $50 dollars for my traffic violations. What I discovered instead was that

1) I do not owe the City of Knoxville $50.
2) However, the person who comes a good 10 seconds AFTER ME does. Also, the person who is crossing the other direction.

Now, the question, Officer Roberts Badge #1444, is do I cough up the $50 that I don’t have or do I ask for a hearing with the understanding that if I’m found guilty I will owe $50 +68 which is $118 that I don’t have. I have a feeling, knowing the incompetence of the KPD that I have dealt with before, that I should just pay the $50 even though I didn’t do the crime.



1. TroyJMorris - April 29, 2008

Oh that sucks. I’m not sure about Knoxville, but some cities you never win.

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