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My sort of official approval April 27, 2008

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Friday was my meeting with Emmanuel School of Religion. My official letter of acceptance will be given to me in a week or so, but I have been informed that I will be allowed to attend seminary this autumn.

I am ecstatic. I have sorely missed the community of MC/ESR and it’s going to be great to be back. Last night was a reminder of the good times that can be had in a Podunk town. I went to see Comedy of Errors put on by the Milligan Drama dept and it was hysterical. Afterwards, we enjoyed yummy food from Perkins

This upcoming summer is going to be one of a lot of saving for my expenses living back in Johnson City. I have a feeling the only extravagant spending will be the trip to Cornerstone with my sisters.

Once way my saving is going to happen is biking to work. The gas prices are forcing me to park my car as much as possible. I’ve been cutting down on my driving more and more, but it’s just getting too bad. We won’t talk about the rise of milk and rice prices. I’m just glad that getting to work is going to be mostly level until about ½ a mile from my office. There is a reason the Union soldiers built a fort in this particular location – steep.

So what does a girl wear to work when she needs to bike?



1. JackD - April 27, 2008


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