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I’m bad at keeping promises April 15, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

I swore I would stay away from blogging while I am working on my papers
5 pages down, 25 more to go.
but I couldn’t help myself.

facebook isn’t reloading
I have this fantasy that I’ll one day be a professor wielding great power and shaping minds like Son of Bossy’s
will you marry me
So I’m going to have an impressive library and telling stories about my trips to Germany and The Holy See and then maybe throw in some antecedents about how The Very Reverand Wright and I talk about this and that and laught all about it.
amber has a feeling he won’t be around by this point in time
Until then, I’m writing papers on early modern English kitchens and the utensils found within that early modern English kitchen.
do you know how many fecking birds people use to keep in their kitchen?
One of my profs told me my junior year of undergrad that graduate school is an awful lot like finals week – all the time. Guess what, he was right.
procrastination – but with more caffine

1/2 week to go.



1. Keeper of the Catnip - April 15, 2008

Ya, I made that same promise too. But here I am (with two papers due by Thursday and taxes due by midnight)reading YOUR blog. Me thinks me procrastinates a bit too much.

2. kate5kiwis - April 15, 2008

yep, another procrastination princess over here X

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