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Ouch April 11, 2008

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I went to the ER yesterday. It was exciting.

The last two times I’ve gone to the ER, I’ve had to walk there.

Last March, I was running and had an asthma attack. Thankfully (?) I was running in the VA park, and was near the Johnson City Medical Centre. So I jogged/walked into the ER and made the motions that you make when you’re having an asthma attack – lots of pointing to your face and making the inhaler motion.

This time, I was working. My office is two buildings over from the main section of the hospital and is connected by bridges. Thursday I ended up with excruciating pain, enough pain to make me vomit (I’m sure you wanted to hear that) and went over to the ER. Lucky me, there was a trainee learning how to do triage. I was told I was next. 20 minutes later, right before I was allowed to go, some guy comes in with a heart problem. Great. So, I had to wait some more. Finally, I was seen by triage.

I spent six awesome hours in the ER. I was in enough pain that I volunteered for a shot in the hip to elevate the pain, I also let her give me an IV. Unless you personally know me, you can’t possibly understand how big of a deal that is. I have enough bad memories of IVs that if you come towards me with a little basket covered in highlight stickers, I will start bawling.

They finally sent me home after giving me a CAT scan (and officially making me the Most Expensive Child again) and decided that it was just small enough that they didn’t need to hospitalize me. I was given vicodin as my prize.

For obvious reasons, I did not go to work today. I actually would have, but my boss wanted me to rest.

On a completely unrelated note, who has facebook? Who loves Pieces of Flair? I usually hate applications, but OMGAZ, I love this thing! Secretly, I want a purse that I can just cover in flair. True story. Send me cute buttons. I promise I’ll use them. (real or facebook)

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