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100 Random Things About Me #1 April 11, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

I believe in communal living.

The idea of “mine is mine” and personal property bothers me. I feel like there is something wrong with it. Maybe I read the gospels and Acts too much.



1. kate5kiwis - April 12, 2008

yeah, i do love the *sharing* idea.
but i also feel that some speshal stuff is *mine*.
maybe it’s the culture i’ve grown up in?
also want to say that i totally heard you in your comment on my *home’s cool* post (about toxic religion), and i have been meaning to write back to everyone…
happy weekend.
mwah X

2. Amber Lee - April 12, 2008

I can’t say that I’ve got the communal living down perfectly, cause then I would be a outright liar!

I think the Amish Mennonites down the road are what made me feel better about home/communal schooling.

3. kate5kiwis - April 13, 2008

when D18 was two, Bulldog and i moved to a little house on an acre of land.
there were nine other houses on that acre, and a big communal playground.
some things i loved:
:knowing the kids were hanging out in a *safe* place
:popping in for cuppa-teas at the neighbour’s after she got in from school, a few mommies would spontaneously gather there and we’d share our days
:someone to mind D18 if we had to dash out
:one lawnmower, lots of helpers.

one thing i didn’t like so much:
:every time Bulldog went outside to play with D18 on the playground, all the other kiddos would RUSH OUTSIDE to play too, and D18 wouldn’t get so much attention from Daddy.

would we live communally again?
perhaps, with peeps we already know/respect/have community with already…

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