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Interrupting My Existential Crisis for a Sugar Crash April 7, 2008

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Have you ever chosen to do a good idea, when there was a better one? Did you ever do it because you couldn’t explain why the other idea was a better one?

I’m attending the University of Tennessee for my Masters. They have an excellent program for what I want to do. Not only can I study Medieval History, I have at least three professors there that specialize in Reformation history. Going to a large university, I have a massive amount of classes at my disposal – not to mention languages. Being a Tennessee resident, I have in-state tuition and while I am currently living rent free I have been considering buying a house. All in all, smart and very adult of me.
So have you ever been making all the right choices, but knew they were wrong? When I graduated last year, I didn’t apply to any graduate schools. I figured that I was going to be moving to Canada and working.

Yes, moving to Canada. Not in that Stuff White People Like Way. More in a follow my boyfriend around the world way. That did not work out.

So here I sat. Knoxville. The place to which I swore I would never return. You tend to swear that (or just swear in general) when you HATED your high school life. In a I’m – surprised – I – didn’t – go – all – Columbine – on – people – kinda – way. I was working and happy and then BAM! I have to start graduate school.
I mean, I was planning on graduate school. You need it if you want to teach college for a living. However, I was forced into it quicker than I expected. Something about needing medical insurance. That Wellbutrin is not cheap. So I made the logical choice
The thing about logical choices is they are not always the right choices. I have a goal. My goal and my growth would be best served at Emmanuel. I’m going to apply and hopefully don’t fall on my face.



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