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I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger April 3, 2008

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Mary’s 16th birthday is Sunday. We’re having a small family affair, because she convinced the ‘rents that she needs, more than anything in the whole wide world, a laptop. Mother told her laptop or party and she said laptop. So there you go. While I don’t know what dinner plans will equal, I do know that I am baking her cake. In the shape of a badger
A badger cake.
As in
A cake
That looks like a badger.

Do we have any ideas? So far, All I can think of is a medium round cake and a smaller round cake. I put them side by side and then cover the cakes in some black and white fondant icing.
Before you get all excited about the fact that I said I would be using fondant icing, you should know that I have a quick and dirty way of making fondant icing. It’s called marshmallows. Kroger’s better have the new McCormick black food colouring, too, because I am not going to deal with making it myself. No one’s black food coloring ever comes out actually black.
Actually, according to the McCormick website, it’s going to turn out silver gray
Fine, it will be a very old badger.

Did you know that you can make excellent scrambled eggs in the microwave? I learned this last night. Everyone should do it.



1. kate5kiwis - April 4, 2008

wow, a badger.
this cake demands a photograph lol X

2. Anonymous - April 5, 2008

Just clicked through from Bossy’s site.

For the black icing/fondant, you could REALLY cheese out and just BUY the fondant from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or some other place that sells Wilton’s fondant. Of course, it will taste somewhat blah. You could also do a dark chocolate ganache. To that I would add some black gel food coloring, preferably super black. It’s been my experience (Darth Vader cake) that chocolate icing or ganache takes the black food coloring more easily.

3. B. Love - April 7, 2008

red velvet cake

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