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Excellent Mini Road Trip March 28, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

Did you know that driving at 90mph takes more concentration than 60mph? I think it’s that whole death factor. I kept picturing those PSA commericals and that did not help my anxiety.

Right, so I decided that I wanted to go see Bossy. Since East Tennessee is full of shotguns, it probably felt safter for her to go to a city full of handguns. The goal was to leave at 5:30pm, the latest. Guess what, that doesn’t happen. Ever. So it didn’t happen this time. David and I left at 6:40pm. We made it to Atlanta in record time. Then we wandered lost around Atlanta for a record amount of time. Seriously, wtf, Atlanta? I understand that we have to allow You’re getting a letter. At least on my blog.
In the end, an iPhone saved us. I hate iPhones. I didn’t want to be saved by an iPhone. I wanted a friendly policeman/woman/gender of their choice to point out the roads and the directions. No, a stranger from somewhere else whipped out their iPhone and showed me how to get to Decatur. I learned that Ponce and Pond sound awful similar. So does brick and book.

Right, guess what, Bossy’s beautiful. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Awesome conversation. Good hummus. I should have bought a beer. Jack and coke works though.
I just realise that I wasn’t the one who picked up the tab for my j/c. I (David) just paid for my hummos.
Who wants a five dollar checks?

A thought, Bossy thinks that I should do maybe audio, because I have cool (weird) tonal inflections when I speak and tell stories. She said it’s like a stand up comic. I think that if I do audio, I would have to do video because you might as well see my dangerously superflous hand motions that go with my lack of verbal skills. I always thought that would drive a way people. What do you think? I may do that for my open letter to the City of Atlanta. But that also involves me putting on make up. For a 5 minute deal. Lame.



1. foolery - March 28, 2008

I’m assuming you got home safely? 90mph makes one wonder. I’m jealous of you lucky peoples.

— Laurie @ Foolery

2. Anonymous - March 28, 2008

Amber –
You should do audio and video and whatever else “eee-oh” is out there because you’re hilarious and your inflection is adorable.
I’m sorry I ducked out last night before we really got a chance to talk. But, you and Smiley David were fun! I’m glad you finally found your way. Next time, call me before you come and I will rearrange all the Ponces and the ponds and make it a straight shot for you.

— beth (the slightly tipsy one in pink)

3. A Whole Lot of Nothing - March 29, 2008

I was lucky enough to meet Bossy tonight in Orlando. She DOES have a great voice! I love her…

4. Geekgrl64 - March 31, 2008

It was great to meet you Amber! I am sorry you had a hard time driving in our confusing city!

5. Stella - March 31, 2008


lets try this again…z

you should def. audio blog. you would be great at it!


6. Amber Lee - March 31, 2008

😀 😀
I totally appreciated the first comment, though, Stella 😛

7. BOSSY - April 6, 2008

do it do it do it!

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