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From A New House-Searcher-Buyer March 19, 2008

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Dear Economy,
Currently you are destroying lives[1] While I cannot condone your actions, I do appreciate the buyers market you have created for housing[2] Of course, you have to be one of the lucky ones[3] that can actually afford to buy the house, or be like me and a first time young buyer. For some reason, Wells Fargo and others like them enjoy giving me money. Perhaps it’s because I’m in my early 20’s. They know I won’t die soon, and so can collect from me for years.
So, since I live in one of the poorest places of the country[4] and a mortgage payment is the same as rent, why rent? If you could keep the mortgage interests down, I would appreciate it. At least until my name is signed on the papers for the house and my interest rate is fixed.

A New House-Searcher-Buyer

[1] See Recession
[2] See Recession
[3] Search Unemployment Rate
[4] See Appalachian-American and that’s appa-LAA-cha. Not appa-Lay-sha



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