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From The Credentialing Assistant March 18, 2008

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Dear Credentialer from Hospital North of Me,
I know you’re getting my emails. I know you’re getting my voicemails. For whatever reason, you’ve decided that getting back in touch with me is simply not important enough. I gave you the benefit of the doubt – for about five minutes. You had the excuse that maybe you were on vacation/taking sick leave/being held hostage by angry managed care patients for the full five minutes it took for me to call your administration and verify that you were indeed at work. You were at work that day, you had been at work the days before, and they expect you to be there all week. So, there went your alibis.
I bet when you talk to me on the phone, you roll your eyes. Some upstart at some doctor’s office is wasting your time with unimportant questions like “Is our doctor’s application set for the Medical Staff meeting?” You know, the kind of useless questions a person would ask to make sure the doctors she works for are set to see patients; the doctors seeing their patients isn’t nearly as important as you having a power trip, not at all.
So here’s the deal. You’re going to get a call. Or actually, I think you’re supervisor is going to get a call. Either the person who calls you, or your supervisor who is getting called, is going to eat your face off. Afterwards, you are going to contact me and tell me if you need anything for the application, and I know there will be missing documents. Your hospital thinks that it’s John Hopkins (Which it’s not. Sorry) and will give me notice of the pieces of paper that were not creased correctly. Then, I will give you said documents and you will process them. The doctors at the Medical Staff meeting will approve my doctor. They will raise their hands, and then eat some snacks. You will send me a notice saying my doctor can practice medicine and admit patients at your hospital, and that will be the end of it.
I’m glad we were able to get this all cleared up

Warmest Regards,
The Thorny Upstart In Your Side



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