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Staring at me like that does not help my intelligence factor February 26, 2008

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I would love to tell that to some of my peers in my Material Culture session. If I am even allowed to call them peers; those who might stumble across this blog most undoubtably would ask me to use a word that would lower me or raise them. There are few things more frustrating than to ask questions in class and just be stared at. Or make a comment – and be stared at. Perhaps I could say that two class members almost physically putting their noses in the air as they walk by in in the History dept is more frustrating.

I have encountered times in my education that I had to struggle to do well. Math comes to mind. Chemistry comes to mind, Kindergarten music comes to mind (I failed kindergarten music), but I am stupid when I am talking about philosopohy, theology, and history. Out of the three of those, my weakest is philosphy if it is not tied to a theologian. History depends on the time period. Do not ask me about American History; I don’t know any.

Tomorrow I lead discussion for my Material Culture class. I already have a sense of forboding. Perhaps my professor questioning the quality of my disscussion questions that I created started the ominous feeling. If my classmates look at me with one ounce of respect, I will be absolutely shocked.

Dear Pretentious Graduate Students
And the Doctorate Canidates,
You are not a special and unique snowflake. Your ability to read a page of handwritten Medieval Latin does not promote your personhood to superhuman status. One day you will be sitting behind a desk, doing research on 17th century coat hangers and still mocking those who you believe are not nearly as intelligent as you and are therefor not worth your time – specifically undergraduate students. I would like to point out that you will be sitting at your desk alone.
Meanwhile, I will be teaching those undergraduate students. I’ll probably be at some small, no name liberal arts college making half of what you are. I, however, will be developing relationships with people and helping them to grow.
I will actually be doing something worthwhile.
I learned as a runner that no one cares what your best 5k time was. They want to know who you met running.
Life doesn’t care how many articles and books you publish. Life cares if you actually accomplish something worthwhile.



1. Rachael - February 28, 2008

Hope your discussion went well 🙂 x

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