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If I could do this to my walls and Usurping Dr Farmer February 25, 2008

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Yes, I change my background all the time. It’s a sign of my inability to commit. I can commit to a relationship (unfortunatly so) but I cannot commit to wall paint. bedding, shoes, or blogger backgrounds. I would love to have some mad designer skill or the cash to have a personalised one like Mel or Chloe. Until then -pyzam.com.

My graduate classes are getting me down. It is overhwhelming to be sitting with doctorate students and master students who know what they are talking about and you know nothing. I’m sure their pretentious attitude isn’t helping my anxiety, but they seriously do know what they are talking about. It could be because I’m in a history department and not a religious studies department. Wednesday I made a comment about N.T. Wright and no one – not even the nuns -knew who I was talking about. The course of action I should have taken was to feel a little special that I knew who Bishop Wright was and none of them did. Instead I got down on myself for bringing up someone who “obviously just wasn’t as important as I made him out to be.”
I forget about how specialized we are. I have an inkling of who Isaac Newton was. I probably really have no idea how important he is and I suppose there are people out there who would be aghast at my ignorance of the subject. I remind myself, almost daily, that if I really want to teach theology on an undergraduate level, which is what I want to do, I really need to stick to this history program. I have to be a historian to be a theologian. Hopefully I am timing my education well enough that when I’m ready, there will be more open spots on the Humanities faculty at Milligan. It will only be a matter of time before I am dept chair!
A very long matter of time.



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