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Love Is The Movement February 13, 2008

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Today is a rally day. It’s not International or National Day of whatever. It’s simply a day that has been decided to be a day of hope. Today is the rally for Love Is The Movement. If you ask most people my age about NAMI, or NCSP, they aren’t going to have a clue what you’re talking about. Those movements, while worthy and wonderful, aren’t known many young people.

Ask a 22 year old about To Write Love On Her Arms and they will probably either know about it, or heard about it, or at least know someone who has a t-shirt.

It’s a movement that started for one girl, Renee, who needed rehab. It wasn’t feasiable to pay for it and her friend Josh started asking on his myspace for donations. Now it’s a movement that brings depression, suicide, addiction, and self-mutilation to the forefront. Love is the movement that beings the healing of those scars.

Today, thousands are walking around with a simple gesture of solidarity – the word “love” written on their wrist. I encourage anyone one who reads this to take a moment to look over the TWLOHA website and consider what you can do to encourage, provide, or at least acknowledge the movement and it’s work, even if it’s just writing “love” on your arm.

Stop the bleeding. Rescue is possible.



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