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Relax January 21, 2008

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If you want mercy, you must be mercy. That is what Nadeem said to Betty on Friday when she wanted a spider killed in the office. I loved it. I don’t think I’ve seen too many people decided not to kill a spider because it’s Creation in a good while. Tiffany, Nadeems wife had just told me about how the mice were eating through the traps they have set out for them as well. They don’t want to kill the mice, so they are setting live traps. Unfortunatly, they bought plastic ones. I told her she needs to get the metal live traps so the mice can’t eat through them.
Dimpal and I went out to eat on Thursday night and while she ate her salad and bean dip, she told me that when she was little she asked her father why they didn’t eat meat. He told her that he had no problem with her eating a chicken if she could create her own chicken. She said it satisifed her when she was young and still satisfies her now. I am eating more and more vegetarian like myself, and definitely am not eating meat at work.
I’m working with people that tend to be much more laid back than the Euro-Americans working in their office. I am embracing this change of pace and the fact that my boss just sent me a text reminding me not to stress. I wish my coworkers could get a handle on the idea of slowing down as well. Being able to step away from a desk and just sit and chat while I’m filling out credentialing applications removes a tension that could be building up in my neck.
I’m not going to get in trouble for stopping at noon, either, to take a moment to do midday prayers from the Divine Hours. That may be one of the greatest perks for working for Hindus and Muslims. They understand the importance of daily rituals, especially taking time out for prayer.


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