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State University Post #1 January 12, 2008

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Milligan had less than 1000 students. Let’s just get that out of the way.

I started graduate school this past Wednesday at The University of Tennessee. I’m considered undeclared because I haven’t taken my GRE yet. When I do, after heavy studying and a Kaplan class, I’ll be enrolling in the History Department and I want to get into The Marco Institue so I can focus on Medieval Germany. I know that sounds awfully exciting.

I did end up being able to come into class about 35 minutes late. I spend the previous 35 minutes trying to figure out where my class was (it had moved), getting logged into my email (had to go to the help desk), and doing a general run about on campus. When I arrived, I got the prize chair – right beside the professor. Of course there was also a wall unit blowing ice cold air into my ear. I was also sitting beside a nun. I had already walked in and sat down on the wrong class, so regardless of if I was in the right class or not, I wasn’t getting back up again. For most of the class I thought I was in the wrong session. It turns out that UT decided to change the class that was going on during that time. Same professor. Same number. Different topic. So instead of Late Roman Empire, I am now taking Material Culture of Britian. I have no clue what that means.

Now I shall read Kissinger for my Diplomacy class.



1. Cloggsy - January 12, 2008

hehe, that’s kinda funny! At least your first class was eventful!

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