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A Different Type of Sport January 4, 2008

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

Besides January bringing me the UK vs. Vanderbilt game, this January also brings me the Real Election Season. For the past two years we’ve had to listen to people create committees to create committees to consider seeking the presidency. Now, the election year is here. All I have to say is

If Huckabee wins, I will never have faith in American again and will join the Earth Liberation Front. If you need to get your anger out, might as well do it in a productive manner



1. Anonymous - January 4, 2008

So, your idea is to join a terrorist organization if you do not get your way? What sense does that make? What does Huckabee have to do with the ELF and how does joining the ELF fix any problems you have with Huckabee. You probably do not have anything to worry about as anyone leading this early in the race usually looses and will not receive the nomination. What does the ELF have to do with Huckabee? Why do you want to harm people that have nothing to do with whoever is the President because you do not like the outcome of a Presidential race? What exactly do you expect the government to do for you and what do you think the role of government realy is? What is the government suppose to provide for you?

2. Amber Lee - January 5, 2008

Hyperbole: Exaggeration used for emphasis. Hyperbole can be used to heighten effect, to catalyze recognition, or to create a humorous perception

3. Anonymous - January 5, 2008

When you implied that joining the ELF was a productive manner, it captured out attentnion. Glad to hear you were deliberately being absured for the sake of being absured.

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