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Say Merry Christmas, and then something else. December 12, 2007

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Christmas Cards. I know there are people who send out about 200. I remember being given those Christmas cards by people I barely knew from high school. I’m here to tell you – stop it.

I’m not sure what it is about Christmas that makes people decided it’s the perfect time of year to send out an impersonal piece of cardstock paper, but I don’t see the benefit of doing such.

My blunt opinion on Christmas cards is that you should send them to people you really care about and actually write something on the inside of the card besides your name and “Merry Christmas.” You might send out one of those letters each Christmas that goes to everyone in the family. No. Bad. Stop. Writing something short and personal for each Christmas card and don’t send the cards that involve a picture of you and your loved one(s). Christmas is not about showing off how fabulous your family looks and is doing in life. If it’s really important to you to do those things, pick another day of the year to do that. Maybe June 9th can become National Look At Me Day.

So get back to sending personal notes remind others about the grace and love God gives us through Christ.



1. River Cocytus - December 14, 2007

Miss, you’re correct on this one. I even prefer to make the cards by hand if I can (but then, I’m a passable illustrator.) I send them to stay in contact, which I think is possibly the purpose for them after all.

2. Anonymous - December 24, 2007

merry xmas P.

3. Hamish Anderson - December 26, 2007

That is so true, i hate being confronted by ppl i hardly know from my college who hand out cards its pointless. I love the cards with a full side of writing in them, the ones that make you feel accepted and wanted.

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