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Tennessee Football November 4, 2007

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I attended a Tennessee football game some years ago with my Kentucky family. I don’t remember too much of the game because I was cold and was not currently interested in football. Now, I’m twenty-two years old and have spent fifteen of those years in Knoxville, Tennessee. I decided that I really should attend a football game at Tennessee.

This year was an excellent season to attend football games, not because Tennessee has been fantastic (they haven’t), but for the reason that teams have been all over the place. Anyone watch the LSU vs. Kentucky game? I was so proud of the Wildcats!

Besides the enjoyment of watching a football game live, I got to see a great tradition of the Pride of the Southland Band – the Circle Drill. Imagine hundreds of people having to form a perfect circle while playing music and marching. Now, imagine those formations changing into all different sizes of circles and flowers. Fantastic.

My friend Ryan’s mother is currently designing a clothing line, and we went to the game with him. So Ryan was enjoying walking around in a navy blazer with “university of Tennessee” on the circumference of the buttons, and our friend John was wearing an orange and white seersucker suit. Yes, I know what time of the year it is, but honestly it was warm enough for it. I had on a white skirt, and orange polo, and a white cardigan. I’m okay with rule breaking.

So I know I have SEC readers (Aaron, my grandfather, MM, and a few others). How are you enjoying your season?

But the real season starts this week!



1. GINUSKA! - November 8, 2007

This is probably going to come back to bite me, but how ’bout them Wildcats?

Don’t worry, last year we lost to Furman and still made the Sweet 16!

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