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Food Habits October 24, 2007

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

I have to be careful with sugar. Refined sugar hurts my digestive system. I prefere splenda for my sweetening unless honey can be added without making the drink taste odd. I wouldn’t add honey to my coffee, but I would add it to my tea.


I love butter as a spread. If I’m cooking I want something like olive oil or coconut oil. If I’m choosing something to spread on my scone, I want butter. It’s much better for you than that hydronated oil spread stuff.

I have to be careful here. I really like half and half in my coffee and cream in my tea. If I drink milk, I tend to not like the smell, and it makes me feel funny. Also, organic milk is really the way to go, so you don’t get the creepy hormones.


I don’t add it to anything. Usually lemon juice will give me the same effect.


I have a severe addiction. I want to give it up, but then I would kill.

It’s all in moderation. I love certian wines, and there are certian mixed drinks that I love. I really do think Jack and Coke is tasty. I didn’t have to get use to the taste of alcohol, and when I don’t like it, I don’t drink it.

What are you food habits?



1. Anonymous - October 24, 2007

unsweetened cranberry juice,buttermilk,coffee Moonshine but you can’t find good buttermilk any more.
Love you papaw

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