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Laughing in the Face of Death Part Two October 8, 2007

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My mamaw passed away on the 27th of last month. While her leaving this place is sad for us, it’s not for her. Who really wants to live in a morphine coma for more than a few days, and who really wants to live with cancer consuming your body? So here’s to her enjoying the good life now.
The death of my mamaw really brought my mother, her brother, and her sister together. They were able to resolve issues that they haven’t for years, and my mother enjoyed the company of her sister, more than she has in years. Mother was also put back in touch with one of her good friends from when we use to live in Kentucky. She also has readded that endearing Southeastern Kentucky accent that even people from Knoxville can’t understand. I have to confess that I have it, too, when I’m with family.
The funeral was on the Saturday of her death, the 29th.

Let me tell you, not too many things have happened to me that were more fun than this.

My mamaw, Shirley, wanted to be cremated. We all want to be cremated. Actually, I want to be given to science. The less money spent on a dead body, the better. My mamaw didn’t even want a funeral. However, my great-grandmother, Mamaw Louise, has an interesting belief. If you cremate the body, you send the person’s soul to hell. She didn’t even attend my cousin’s funeral last year, because she said we sent Brandy to hell. My Mamaw Louise is also a bully. She never really was a good mother to my Mamaw Shirley, and in the end, my Mamaw Shirley decided to have a funeral. The obituary says that she is buried at Green Hills Cemetary. If you go there, you will find a headstone. If you dig, you’ll find nothing.
Here we are, at a funeral that we don’t want to be. Most of us are in fairly good moods. Why wouldn’t we be? At the beginning, we felt guilty to not be as somber as everyone else. The family quickly got over it, and enjoyed seeing people that we haven’t seen in years. Most people in Middlesboro have never met my siblings and last saw me when I was about four. I loved how people thought I was my mother, and that she just aged amazingly well. Highlights from the funeral include

While speaking to Kelly Wilson, my Unle Derf (Fred)’s best friend growing up. Kelly is an assistent football coach for Middlesboro. The most important position in Middlesboro is the Head Coach. Not Mayor.
Me: My favourite sport is rugby! I love it
Kelly Wilson: That’s one of them muslim sports
Me: Actually is a british commonwealth sport. If you want a muslim sport, that’d be polo.
Kelly: Nah, it’s one of them third world A-rab sports! It’s bad enough we’ve got soccer in Middlesboro now. I fought and voted against it. I never thought I’d see the day we have it. Now them soccer fields are right beside my daddy’s house, and he has to watch it! You know what it is? All them foreign doctors.

To my five year old cousin, Hayley –
Hayley, stop poking mamaw!

At the end of the day, it was a great time.



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