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September 12, 2007

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.
I looked at my dashboard of posts and noted that the last one that I posted was the middle of August – almost a month ago! I do apologize for my severe lack of writing.

Peter is spending his last few weeks in the States with my family before he flies out to Edmonton, Alberta. It’s good to see him before he flies out, but awkward as well. Over the summer we drifted and our communication broke down. Both of us find irony in that we lived closer than we ever have in our long distance relationship, and then we fell apart. Even though we are not in a romantic relationship anymore, we are fighting hard to stay friends. We both have views on how the relationship ended that don’t match, of course, but we’re not bickering about it too much.

One of the biggest contributors to our decision was me setting my foot down on what I want to do with my education and my future. I want to be a lecture eventually, but I’ve been vague about when and where I would continue my education. I decided on going to Tennessee, since I receive 1/2 off tuition, and that I will start grad school in January.

So I’ve made some goals and now am enjoying life in Knoxville. I’m spending time with friends I haven’t seen in years and I’m busy with church and intructing color guard girls at the high school. I hope to have some pictures of the girls from our first home game this week.



1. Anonymous - September 12, 2007

you are truely a classy lady.I love you .


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