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I’ve been excommunicated September 8, 2007

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On a large and uncensored internet, we want children to enjoy the benefits without being attacked by creepy 40 year old men. Social networks are huge now, and it’s hard to keep kids off of Myspace.
One of the alternatives to an unmoderated Myspace is Dittytalk. It is a “Christian Myspace Alternative.” Of course doctrine abounds, and yes, the website is ran by evangelicals. So it should be no surprise to me that I finally got banned from the website. You’re suppose to be given a formal warning before you are banned, so that you know what you’ve done. I didn’t receive that, so I’m not exactly sure what action was flagged.
Perhaps it’s my view on Scripture. When I mentioned that I don’t believe Cain was a literal historical figure, a boy asked me, “So, does that mean you don’t believe God is real?” I get in trouble often for the fact that I don’t subscribe to the “inerrant” view of Scripture. I’ve been told that means I’m calling Jesus a liar. It could be my acceptance of “evil-lushan” as some spell it. Or just my crazy whacked up anglo-catholic beliefs.
Whatever the cause, I can’t help but raise an eyebrow. I guess it’s the nature of the beast.



1. River Cocytus - November 28, 2007

Just stopped at looked at this post. When I was in college, I took a course called ‘History of Christianity from beginning to the Reformation’. It was taught by a Greek Orthodox gentleman, and gave me a clearer understanding of what ‘scripture’ actually means.

The true Christian perspective on the issue is and ought to be, “It is full well possible that Cain was not an actual, factual man.” The possibility does not mean we can say either way.

Though I’m quite obviously a uber-conservative, war-mongering neocon, I can tell you I’ve had the same experience. Jesus Christ is the Word, and is not limited to the book.

My advice is to be extremely oblique about this; in this way those who would be free to attack you get caught in the baffle chamber of ‘possibility’.

Given the history of the Bible it is completely possible that some of the stories are myths. But we do know for certain that if they are myths they have been quite accurately preserved. Well, we should hope. 😉

Strategy is the art of knowing how to kill, deceive or overpower. Mercy is willfully not doing so by constraint of principle. Love is knowing when and why you should show restraint. In the world of words and ideas, it’s a spiritual war.

Never come to battle unarmed. (at least put on your armor!)

Also, thanks for tolerating my comments.

(And forgive Ben! He’s a yeoman, not a diplomat.)

2. Amber Lee - November 28, 2007

It is true that the word “myth” has morphed into what it does not mean. The definition of “myth” is a traditional story concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, typically involving the supernatural. A myth does not have to mean a a widely held but false belief, which is the second definition in the Oxford Dictionary.

3. Amber Lee - November 28, 2007

Also, I am use to Ben’s comments :D. There is a very real misunderstanding that someone has to defend “my freedom” to think as I do. What I have to ask myself is “Would I think as I do now if it was not protected?” My hope is yes. I hope that I can be as the early Christians, those who opposed violence and knew that it meant their own death. The goal is to stand by your beliefs, by your ethics, and know what your hope is in, regardless of what the outcome would be.

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