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NYC Mishap August 19, 2007

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Peter is from a safe country. When a homicide happens, it’s all over the national news for weeks. Here, it makes the local news for a few days. In the roughest place of New Zealand, South Auckland, I would feel comfortable walking around by myself in the evening

Thursday evening, Peter was walking in New York City, near Harlem, alone. He didn’t know any better. Peter has never lived in a dangerous city or country. Need I actually tell you what happened?

Peter was mugged at knife point and they took everything on him – including his passport. Imagine the nightmare of being in the US, being foreign, and being unable to produce your passport. So after the credit cards were canceled, he spent three hours with the police going over everything. Peter will be able to fly down to Knoxville using his international drivers license as ID, we believe, and wait for his passport to arrive here.

Melissa was an angel, as I emailed her in a panic. She is the only person I know who lives in NYC and while I wasn’t sure what she could do, I wanted to tell someone who was near him. I felt like that could help. She definitely made me feel tons better.

The whole ordeal reminds me that I don’t live in the safest neighborhood of Knoxville, and I haven’t been particularly excited to go outside at night for any reason.



1. Aaron - August 22, 2007

I’m thankful they only robbed him. Gloria Deo.
Tell him if he wants to have some more fun he can wander through some trailer parks yelling, “Lee Greenwood don’t sing good … and NASCAR drivers ain’t no real athletes.”

That could be as fun as strolling through Harlem alone.

2. Mel - August 23, 2007

i’m only sorry i couldn’t do more! is he okay now? i hope you were able to get everything sorted away.

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