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Dead Car August 12, 2007

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

And now my car is dead.
After buying new spark plugs, new distributor cap, new battery, AND a new alternator, the answer is that there is a wiring problem with the clunker. The car was bought seven years ago for $500 dollars. Truely, it should not have lasted as long as it did. Truely, it shouldn’t have lasted a year. The car defied odds and lasted long enough for me to have it for one summer.

I should mention here that I’ve never owned my own car. I am 22 years old and went through high school without being able to drive and college without a car. This, regardless of the fact that I can’t afford a bike, was still completely humilating to me. When I came to Knoxville for the summer, I was overjoyed to have a car that I could just get in and drive away.

So now I have spent $200 dollars and after that I am now on the search for a new car – for $800 dollars. My searching is confined to Facebook Marketplace, the newspaper, Craigslist, and the delusional hope that someone might possibly give me a decent car for less than $1000 because they once were a desperate young adult in a town unfriendly to pedestrians.



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