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Buuuuuuuum, badump badump August 8, 2007

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My siblings have their first day of school tomorrow, and Katie will be entering high school. Mary will be a sophomore and their to show her the ropes, but I’m certain Katie will be just fine. She is involved in the fine tradition of color guard. I was on the South Doyle High School color guard my sophomore year through my senior year. Mary began last year, and now Katie gets to join in on the fun.
We are are complete band geeks. We love to talk guard and marching band. For me it’s eerie to be back, because I haven’t spent any time in Knoxville since I graduated. I ran, my friends, far away from here. Now I’m back and probably going to be helping out with the guard.
The guard use to be prize winning. We had extra practice on Mondays – Wednesdays as well if you were a rifle. The regular practice was Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Now, add in Friday night football games and the entire month of October you’re at Saturday competitions. Yes, it’s just a tad obsessive. However, the guard no longer does extra practices and thanks to BOA going to the overly avent garde dogs, and no one taking an instructor role to the guard, the SDHS group isn’t as it use to be.



1. Aaron - August 9, 2007

is that avatar accurate? if so, you have a really messy room. danny tanner would have a fit! 🙂

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