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Car Death August 2, 2007

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Would you believe that my car is dead. Actually, it’s in ICU and I can believe it. The car is 17 years old and the spark plugs have never been changed. Most nothing has been done to my care in 17 years. So on Saturday, my friend Jon is going to mess around with my car. The spark plugs are definitely getting changed along with the fuel filter and anything else Jon deems old and useless.

Sunday I started the car for church. It puttered alive and I set off. Right as I got across the Tennessee River the car died at the stop light. I didn’t even come to a full stop, I rolled and turned right. I started it again, but almost immediately it died. I had to call AAA to come tow the car

At this point I would like to say that on a Sunday morning for about an hour, people passed me and no one stopped to help. In a hurry to get to church, I guess.

So the AAA truck comes. The driver is able to start my car and back it a little bit so he can get it where he wants. The car lives for a bit but then dies again. The driver is able to start it again and gets it up onto the truck.

Both he and Jon believe that it has something to do with the fuel pump. Honestly the care is in it’s death throws, but I have maybe 200 dollars to spend on a car. Does anyone want to donate?



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