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A reoccuring topic July 28, 2007

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Something coming up in my life for the past two, almost three years is death. We had another one recently

About a two weeks ago, one of our dogs, Smokey, suddenly looked very ill. He is an outside dog. I had been taking care of him for the weekend and had seemed fine the whole time. When Katie went to feed him one evening, he was barely walking. She brought him inside to the basement for futher inspection. The scene was hideous. I’ll spare you the details, but there were maggots. Lots of maggots. At first we thought that he must have been bit by rats.
Two of our neighbors on this street attempted to raise rats for selling to snake owners. When their attemps failed, they basically set the rats free in the neighborhood. We also live near woods. So the rats are happy to infest everyone’s home. We assumed that the rats that live underneath an old root system near our house were the culprits. Smokey became septic and there really was nothing we could do. My stepfather, being a nurse with a much stronger stomach than me, was able to clean out the maggots much better than I did. We later came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a rat bite. Francois, my stepfather, gave gunshot wound to be the cause. There were two holes, an entry and an exit wound. So, whoever shot my dog, you’re pretty sick.



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