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Creating Order July 11, 2007

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

I finally have a job.

I’m working Medical Records at a health care facility in Maryville. This particular centre has been the dumping place for a bunch of other centres owned by this group of doctors. So I’m not doing this particular centre’s current files. I’m trying to organize over a decade and a half of semi/quasi organized files.
It’s quite a bit of manual labour for someone like me who enjoys books and documents. Currently the files are in a very bad state. I’m sending in a request for banker boxes, accordion files, and a dehumidifier. There is no climate control in the back, so the humidity is about the same as outside. Also, the ceiling is coming down in one of the rooms where these records are being stored. There is general water damage and some severe water damage – general chaos as well.
While working to save a medical record room isn’t my career, I’m sure having to read over hundreds of folders with doctor writing will help me later in life as I try to read documents and manuscripts from the 15th century. They look about the same, right?

Let me introduce the new gizmo down in the left handed corner. I found it on Newsvine. And it’s a presidential poll. I know that the primaries haven’t even happened, but I think it’s the best little widget so far. I know the tops says that this site support Obama, but that doesn’t mean if someone votes, they only have choices from the democrat party. It has all sorts of people listed. While I am liberal leaning in my American politics, I believe that my audience is mostly conservative. You can vote once a month, and it’s anonymous. So go ahead and cast your vote! I didn’t put it there to be empty.



1. Karen - July 12, 2007

I’m glad you found a job. I worked medical records once too. It is eye-opening. Congrats!

2. Anonymous - July 12, 2007

I’m glad you found a job. I worked in medical records once. It is eye-opening. Congrats!

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