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Tan, Tired, and Ringing in The Ears July 2, 2007

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After a week of camping in Bushnell, I have a glorious tan. It’s not at dark as I origionally thought – that was actually a layer of dirt – but it’s still pretty nice.
Mary and I left on Sunday around 2pm to leave for Kentucky. My great-aunt Pat and her husband Les live in Frankfort, and mother wanted us to break up the 10 1/2 hour trip. We spent the evening there, and left out Monday morning for Bushnell, a seven hour trip. We didn’t get too lost on the way there, and the last 40 minutes of the drive were my favourite. We past through several towns and villages consisting of populations signs saying 150 and 500. Avon, Illinois has a population of 900 people and 4 camels.
We don’t know why, either.
Cornerstone Farm sits on 640 acres of land, and their were over 300 regestired bands at the festival. It was dusty when the temperature was 98 or it was muck and mud when it rained on Wednesday. It wasn’t until thursday when I got my first shower, because at the beginning of the week the well pump broke. After four days of no water to even put in a pot to wash off with, the shower gave me a new insight into baptism.
Mary saw all her favourite bands, and I saw almost all my favourite bands. Relient K was to be the highlight of my week, but on their way to the festival, their bus caught fire. There’s really no getting mad over that one. Regardless of not seeing my favourite band, the week line-up was fantastic and I’ve got some great bruises on my feet from the mosh pits.



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