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Popcorn and peanuts and crackerjacks June 10, 2007

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Two games on Saturday, a game this afternoon, and a game tomorrow afternoon – my brother’s baseball season is currently in city tournament. I have a beautiful tan line on my feet from my ballet slippers.
Until this season, I’ve never gotten “into” baseball. I’m still not it’s biggest fan. I will probably never buy tickets to a game, or voluntarily watch one on the TV. I do love athletic events, though, and since my siblings are completely obsessed with baseball and softball, I’m trying to get interested in the game. I spent today yelling at a ref – err umpire – because my brother was clearly safe when he crossed the home plate. I’ve learned just enough that I can get mad at the official.

Besides baseball, for the sake of my siblings, I’m watching another sport for the sake of my boyfriend – yachting. I’m not sure what to make of this one. I can’t yell at any official. I’ve never been on a yacht. I definitely don’t understand any of the lingo being used. I’m giving it the old collage try and Thursday I watched the Louis Vuitton Cup so that I might dutifully report to Peter who one, since he’s on lock down at camp. Do people yell at these things? Are races exciting?

I wish that my boyfriend was more interested in football. Because 1. I understand that game and 2. The WAGS are as entertaining as the football games. Especially when they do things like go and mess up their hair

Vicky, darling, you are not a blonde.



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