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But I Walk 500 Miles June 5, 2007

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Have you ever been in an international relationship? I don’t suggest it, especially if your an American. As I graduated a month ago, friends of mine were trading mortarboards for veils within the week. I myself was preparing for my partner to show up from half a world away and always concerned on how long we could be together before we had to part again. Some people are worried about gas milage. We’re concerned about frequent flier miles. We got a week together before I had to drive him up to Pennsylvania for the summer. In two weeks I’ll fly to Philadelphia to spend four days with him. In nine weeks, He’ll be done with summer camp and we’ll have until the end of September. Then he’s off to Canada before Immigration gets hold of him
Maybe I should have stopped after the first long-distance relationship. Girl meets boy at camp. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy moves to England. Girl plans on attending London Uni. Boy dumps Girl for French Girl. I hold no love for Lille, France.
I can easily have a comfortable life. I can do what I was expected to do – marry a preacher, and marry early, be a stay at home mom, and dominate the world one PTA meeting at a time.

But for some reason, I don’t think life would have been as fulfilling for me. I’m not a homebody. I enjoy adventure and I’m restless. Traveling to London to reclaim my love wasn’t the smartest idea I ever had, especially when I got lost in the London ghetto, but the people I met are priceless. I still talk to a few. I’ve lived in New Zealand, and I plan to backpack Europe (Well, Peter wants to backpack. I want to shop and party). The people I have met have changed my religious, political, and cultural views. I now play rugby on Mondays, and backyard cricket on the occasion.

So, I take it back. Have an international relationship. It’s frustrating, tiresome, and expensive. But there is no better reason to spontaneously pack your bags and head 3000 miles for a few weeks.



1. Aaron - June 7, 2007

Dumped for a French girl? Oh well, I suspect this happens pretty regularly. You’re in good comp;any.

2. Mel - June 8, 2007

you two look adorable together — what a cute couple.

3. GINUSHKA - June 8, 2007

Did I ever mention that you are fabulous? And that Peter’s adorable too?

Awww, blast, those collages are making my computer crash from cuteness overload.

Back to being ravished by Milosz and the Captive Mind.

Oh yes, and backpacking and shopping are definitely not mutually exclusive. Trust me on that one :).

4. Monogram Momma - June 8, 2007

You guys are so cute together! Enjoy your time with eachother.

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