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My first week May 11, 2007

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On Sunday, I graduated.

Now, I’m living with my parents until the end of August. As far as I know, a large constituent of university students head to the familial abode during the school holidays. That was never me. My summers were spent in Wisconsin, Johnson City, and New Zealand. For the smaller breaks I was either required to stay at the school because of cross country obligations or I chose to go somewhere else, like visiting my best friend in Chicago. I had no desire to return to my parents house. I enjoy exploring and I have never really felt an obligation to a person, just because we share DNA. Vice or virtue, I’m not sure.

So, my parents have offered me a job for the summer: Household Manager. Basically, I’m running everything, but not paying the bills. I have three younger siblings who I will be in charge of; I will budget, plan, buy, and prepare the meals for the family; I will make sure the house is clean. The last one is no mean feat, I can assure you. My parents are busy. My stepdad is a nurse and my mother works during the day as a…I’m not sure. But at night, she is at the baseball park 5-6 days a week running the concessions.

Another challenge to this list is the renovations that are happening. We have construction in the house and it has to be finished by May 18th, because May 19th is my graduation party.

I’m just going to lay it out there: I come from a big, loud, messy, poor family.
But who cares when you’ve got morals, ethics, and characther – right?!

This summer is going to be intense.



1. Cloggsy - May 11, 2007

Yay Congratulations!!

2. GINUSHKA! - May 13, 2007

*Super-duper-you-made-it! Tackle* Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

3. spymum - May 29, 2007

Congratulations!!! Well done!!!

And I hope you have a fantastic party – just don’t work too hard on the house!

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