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In Tennessee’s Fair Eastern Mountians May 4, 2007

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According to my countdown clock on Mypunchbowl.com, I have about 1d and 6h left until I walk across the stage of Seeger Chapel. My finals are done and my fines are paid. My last final, Late Roman and Byzantine Empires, took me almost three hours to complete.

As I am trying to pack up my dorm room and throw away what I can’t take (does anyone need a microwave?), I can’t help be feel like I should still be studying for some exam or doing research for an obscure paper, perhaps the distortion of Daniel in modern day prophetic study or the oppression of women in modern church – something fancy like that.

Lest, I start to feel a bit too confident or arrogant, I remind myself of the fact that even bright, intelligent lovers of academia can say the stupidest things.

A quote from the Sophomore Humanities final, by one of the top Humanities students, in response to Anne Sexton’s poem In Celebration of My Uterus
“This poem is obviously in favor of the woman’s body having a uterus.”



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