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For Shame! April 23, 2007

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Dear Readers,
Please accept my most sincere apology for being MIA for the past two weeks. I haven’t wrote a word since before Easter. At first, it seemed as though I had nothing to say. The next instance I am drowning in schoolwork, deadlines, and wondering how long I can wait until I am forced to buy my regalia for graduation.

Graduation is May 6th and I look to the day with both anticipation and dread. The anticipation is for the end of signing my soul away once-a-year to Sallie Mae. I must say, there is amusement in my voice when I attempt to figure out ways to pay back that alternative loan on a clergy/preschool teacher salary. Beyond the rejoicing of selling my first born into slavery to rid myself of debt, I am sad to be leaving my professors and friends. I am one of those souls who doesn’t particularly put any weight on how one is related to me by relationship. Just because one is related to me by blood doesn’t meant that I automatically favor you over someone who isn’t. So, that being said, there is a plethora of people that I am loathed to leave come May 6th. I’m spending these last few days doing everything social of which we can think, and squeezing schoolwork into the cracks. We’ve had the Junior/Senior Banquet, the Asheville Opera, and Contra Dancing. This week the One Act Plays Festival is happening and I’m sure we’ll be out Friday and Saturday night.

By out, I mean Applebee’s. Barnes and Noble if we feel adventurous.



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